The X-th International Conference "Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems"

28 August - 3 September 2016, Mangalia, Romania

DGDS-2016 is organized under the auspices of the following Institutional Organizers:

DGDS-2016 offers to researchers and university faculty members from all around the world the opportunity to meet with colleagues, share new research advances and ideas in the area of differential geometry, dynamical systems, mathematics in engineering and numerical physics, and has set up new collaborations and research projects.

The Program of the Conference invites communications within the topics:

  1. Applications of Riemannian and Finsler-Lagrange-Hamilton structures;
  2. Dynamical systems and jet space theory;
  3. Multi-time evolutions and optimal control problems;
  4. Mathematical models in Physics and in Engineering;
  5. Magnetic dynamical systems and antennas theory;
  6. Mathematical statistics;
  7. Chaos and fractals;
  8. Teaching, learning and evaluation.

The guests of our conference can enjoy a variety of social events

Important timing data:

- August 1 - deadline for preliminary registration.
- August 26 - deadline for final registration and for submission of abstracts.
- August 28 - arrival day
- August 29 - first conference day (a.m. - registration and festive opening)
- September 2 - last conference day [reserved for social events]
- September 3 - departure day
- October 31 - last day for submitting the PDF files of the talks.

Conference languages: English and French
Conference venue: Callatis High-School, Rozelor Str., No. 36, Mangalia.

Conference contact e-mail addresses and telephone numbers:

Financiar data:

Accommodation in Mangalia-Saturn:

Prices: for 2-Star Hotels - from 20 EU / night; for 3-star hotels from 40 EU/night.
Booking hotel rooms: The distances within the Saturn-Mangalia resort are small (within 1Km) and the hotels are at walking distance relative to the Conference venue (The Callatis High-School, Rozelor Str., no. 36 on the maps of hotels from the booking website).
The participants are encouraged to book by themselves the hotel-rooms, via the following website portal (the hotel contacts are on the bottom of the following webpage):

* For questions related to setting accommodation process in view of getting the Romanian visa, please contact Mr. Aurel Stan (location - Mangalia, Hotel Saturn. E-mail: Tel: 0040.241.757.880 (office); 0040.722.369.299 (mobile); 0040.748.221.020 (mobile).
* For details on accommodation please contact the main organizer Prof.Dr. Constantin Udriste E-mail: & * Tel.: 0040.745.371.684
or the local main organizer from Mangalia, Prof.Dr. Vasile Arsinte E-mail: * Tel.: 0040.722.798.796

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