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  1. Bucharest - Mangalia (by shuttle or by bus)
  2. Otopeni airport - Bucharest city (by bus)
  3. Bucharest - Mangalia (by train)
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  5. Maps: Mangalia-Saturn and Conference Venue

1.     Transportation by shuttle or by bus from Bucharest to Mangalia [268 Km]

There exists a direct shuttle, from the Otopeni Airport to Mangalia. Please find the data at Shuttledirect

Also, there exists the possibility to travel from the North Railway Station of Bucharest to Mangalia by bus. The departure is from the back-side of the Transportation Ministry Building - which is located nearby the North Rail-way Station. The departures start beginning with 5 a.m. up to late night, at a rate of 45' between departures. The trip costs 65 lei (approx. 15 EU), and the buses haves air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Details can be found on the site

Both the buses and the trains have a stop at the "Nordiana" Railway Station in Mangalia. From there to the Callatis High School (the Conference registration place) there is a 10' walk distance (please check the white arrows on the maps).
Conference location: Callatis High School - Str. Rozelor, no. 36, Mangalia, ten minutes walk-distance from the Railway station (see the pictures from the end).

2.  Bus + subway   from   Bucharest - Otopeni Airport   to   Bucharest - the North Railway Station (to "Gara de Nord")

You may choose one of the following alternatives:
  • Bus line 783, from Otopeni Airport to Bucharest, "Piata Victoriei" Station, (5:30-23:30, 45 min, 1/2 hour frequency); then Metropolitan, from "Victoriei 2" Station to "Gara de Nord" Station, (10 min frequency, 1 station distance), see & download the map below
  • Bus line 783, from Otopeni Airport to Bucharest, "Piata Romana" Station, (45 min, 1/2 hour frequency), then bus line: 133, from "Piata Romana" Station to "Gara de Nord" Station (4 stations distance, 15 min frequency)
  • Bus line 783, from Otopeni Airport to Bucharest, "Piata Presei Libere" Station, (45 min, 1/2 hour frequency), then bus line: 205, from "Piata Presei Libere" Station to "Gara de Nord" Station (20 min frequency)
  • Bus line 783, from Otopeni Airport to Bucharest, "Piata Romana" Station, (45 min, 1/2 hour frequency), then trolleybus lines: 79, 86, from "Piata Romana" Station to "Calea Grivitei" Station; (3 stations distance, 10 min frequency, 2 km), close to Gara de Nord.
Tickets purchasing information:
  • 783 (interurban line) 6 RON (~2 EUR) for two trip tickets (magnetic card); can be purchased from ticket-shops, in "Otopeni", "Pta. Romana" or "Pta. 21 Dec. 1989" stations; typical program: 6-20 daily.
  • all urban lines (bus, trolleybus or tram) 1.30 RON (~0.3 EUR) for one trip ticket; can be purchased from ticket- shop in "Pta. Romana", "Gara de Nord", "Pta. 21 Dec. 1989"or "Universitatii" Stations; typical program: 6-20 daily, 8-14 on Sunday.
  • Metro (subway) 5 RON (~ 1 EUR) for a double trip ticket (magnetic card); can be purchased from every Metro Station; typical program: 6-23 daily.

Taxi - 45', $20.00 (average), prices may vary.


  • Cristaxi 021-9461 / 021-9466 / 021-9421,
  • Cobalcescu 021-9451
  • Alfa 021-9481 / 021-9488
  • Meridian 021-9888 / 021-9444
Taxi cabs are available outside the airport. Prices may strongly vary from one taxi company to another. Note: the Romania prefix to be added to these numbers as international call: 004.

Please find more information about transportation from Bucharest - Otopeni airport to downtown Bucharest and to North Railway station can be found on the Airport Webpage .

3.     Transportation by train   from   Bucharest (North Railway Station)   to   Mangalia [268 Km]

IR 1822 Dep-Arr 06:10-10:56

IR 1985 Dep-Arr 07:35-12:20

IR 12902 Dep-Arr 9:05-13:14

The train tickets can be purchased from the railway station.
The railway national company is SNCFR (National Romanian Railways Society).
For reservation of tickets in advance please contact the SNCFR agencies at the phone numbers:

  • 9521 (general schedule and prices information);
  • North Railway Station (Gara de Nord) - tel: [004];
  • Agency Grivitei- tel: [004]021.650.72.47 Calea Grivitei 139;
4.    Supplementary travel links (The Rome2Rio site):
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5.    Maps: Mangalia-Saturn and Conference Venue